iPool® – Exercise pool

When we first created this product our goal was: to create an affordable personalized pool for year round swimming and physical rehabilitation. What we were hoping to achieve with the iPool was to create a product that offer both dependability and longevity. Made in the USA might sound patriotic and sound but consider the cost: materials, assembly, quality control, consistency, customer service, product development, etc. All these are useless if the customer cannot afford it. Therefore, where the product is made is irrelevant. What should matter is reliability, quality, ease of use and affordability. If we could help our customers reach optimal health and cut down on their medical expenses that would be the most patriotic gift of all. What we tell our prospective clients is simply this: feel free to compare and decide for yourself which product is ideal for you. Choose a product that is easy to use, made of high quality materials and one you can afford.

We are available for our customers and anyone who is interested in our product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All replies to email questions and concerns are completed within a few hours to ensure all concerns are addressed. We challenge any other company to offer this kind of customer service without having to resort to an outside company to answer their phones on non- working hours. We are a top seller with both Ebay and Amazon. We have "A+" rating with Better Business Bureau (7+years without any customer complaints).

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iPool 2


Now on sale for only $1400.00


iPool 2D (iPool 2 + Heater)


Now on sale for only $2250.00



Now only for $1099.00!

iPool D (iPool + Heater)


Pre-Summer special! Now only for $1700.00!

Therapy Pool


Now on sale for only $990.00



Now on sale for only $1200.00!

Spa Bells


Now on sale for only $96.00

iPool Heater


Now on sale for only $790.00

iPool 2 Heater

yhst-43063425905613 2223_135625 

Now on sale for only $850.00

Shoulder Press Bar


Now on sale for only $120.00

Solar Blanket


Now on sale for only $72.00

Chin Up Bar


Now on sale for only $80.00



Now on sale for only $72.00

Step Ladder

A-frame step ladder for the iPool.

Now on sale for only $200.00

Where would you rather be??? Outside where it is 24 degrees Fahrenheit or in the cellar of a 100 year old home where the water temperature is 89 degrees? We are celebrating our one year anniversary of our Fitmax I pool this month. Thanks, Lawrence!!!!!!iPool testimonial photo

-Suzette Clayton

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